System Integration "Our Services"

At iNet, we provide our services to companies and clients on an integrated basis, offering seamless coordination across service stages, starting from design, through implementation, and ending with the provision of necessary technical support. This is what sets us apart.





We work professionally in the phase of designing applications, software, and programming solutions for our clients. We understand the importance of detailed planning to achieve a secure and user-friendly program that meets their needs. We take into consideration the following points to achieve the desired design and develop the appropriate and feasible plan:

1. Clear Service Scope:

Before preparing the design plan, it is essential to clearly and accurately define the required service scope by identifying the tasks to be accomplished, the expected services to be obtained, and the target audience. We also give importance to devices that are compatible with the application or software we will launch.

These points, along with other relevant aspects, are crucial to identify the expected features, understand the functions that can be integrated into the program or application, and have a clear picture of the potential problems, obstacles, and required solutions.

2. Emphasis on Security:

Most of our services involve two sensitive aspects: personal information and financial matters. Therefore, we rely on high-quality encryption methods, secure authentication standards, and keep up with the latest industry-standard security protocols in programming to ensure user security and data confidentiality. We thoroughly analyze security vulnerabilities to prevent their occurrence.

We have previously obtained global certifications related to information security, customer data confidentiality, and we are committed to applying the same quality standards every time to ensure a secure level of service.

3. User-Friendliness:

We ensure that the applications we develop are user-friendly and straightforward, allowing customers to interact with them comfortably and quickly, without complications.

We also focus on avoiding any confusion in commands, interfaces, and information within the application that users interact with.

4. Testability and Modification:

Testing the application is crucial before its release. We present it to real users on a wide scale to identify any operational issues or areas that require modification and improvement. We repeat this process multiple times to benefit from feedback and achieve satisfactory results for ourselves and our clients.

5. Scalability and Task Expansion:

We consider the software architecture to be scalable, allowing for the expansion and development of tasks as its popularity grows after launch. This point is fundamental to prevent our clients from needing to develop new applications when specific tasks are difficult to add to the existing software structure.


After the experimental implementation and ensuring the readiness of the application or program for deployment, we launch it and focus during the launch and implementation phase on the following standards:

1. Ensuring the absence of software errors for users and addressing them promptly and securely.

2. User interface to be compatible with a satisfactory user experience.

3. Easy integration between the current project and previous or future projects of the organization, if needed.

4. Ease of obtaining performance reports to assess advantages and tasks, and provide accurate statistics.

5. Paying attention to feedback provided by the relevant organization or its customers.

6. Keeping up with the latest competitive software programs and applications.

7. Compatibility with tablets and mobile phones across various operating systems.

8. Compliance with international standards to ensure high-quality and reliable results.

9. Adherence to the applicable laws in the application’s country, relating to work systems, services, and required tasks.


Our support team strives for the highest level of professionalism and simplicity, placing special emphasis on the following points:

1. Problem diagnosis and resolution:

Our team has exceptional ability to quickly diagnose urgent issues and provide effective solutions, whether they are related to login, account information, transaction logs, or others.

2. Bug detection and fixing:

We take all errors, slow response, and unexpected behavior of the application seriously. We promptly provide the necessary assistance and solutions to fix any such issues.

3. Regular maintenance and updates:

We ensure regular maintenance and updates to deliver all application benefits with the required quality. We continuously work on updates in line with the relevant organization's policy and adhere to applicable standards.

4. User training on application usage:

We offer users the opportunity to receive training on using the application and software to ensure their effective utilization. This includes explaining features and functions, addressing anticipated questions, and providing related tips.

5. Performance improvement:

One of our key tasks during the support phase is to provide an enhanced user experience by focusing on making the application fast, user-friendly, reliable, and compliant with relevant standards and required updates.

6. Following customer feedback and provide the necessary support:

We focus on feedback submitted by customers, whether from periodic performance reports that are prepared, or direct feedback, and we respond to them either with the required directions or by improving application performance and sustaining technical support.

Importance of System Integration in Our Services

At iNet, we rely on the principle of system integration in our services, as we recognize its significant importance in achieving short-term and long-term advantages. The importance of system integration lies in the following:

1. Increased efficiency through the study of required functions and features, their usage mechanisms, and the benefits derived from them.
2. Time-saving by reducing the effort required for subsequent modifications.
3. Decreased likelihood of errors during system usage.
4. Facilitating informed and optimal decision-making.
5. Cost savings by minimizing incidental expenses.
6. Improved security levels.
7. Enhanced user experience.
8. Providing necessary and meticulously planned technical support.

Quality Standards in Our Services

The required standards to ensure service quality, which we strictly adhere to with professionalism in our services, include:

1. Providing a seamless user experience.
2. Information security and data confidentiality.
3. Reliability and transparency.
4. Customer satisfaction and meeting their needs and requirements.
5. Providing a return on investment for the client organization by increasing customer attraction and retention.
6. Continuous monitoring and providing technical support.
7. System integration and well-defined service delivery stages to ensure a carefully planned and ready-to-implement outcome.