i Payment

i Payment

Digital Payments

For more than two decades, we have been working on advanced modern systems in Banking Payment Systems, which provide a secure and efficient link with all banks, ATMs, and related entities, with a single network.

Our innovations

We are the creators of iSPAN Payment Network, Mada’s leading and unique point-of-sale network, making bank card payments secure and fast.
We have also applied an integrated administrative system to deal with the largest network of points of sale in the Kingdom, and this is solid evidence of our excellence, commitment, and dedication to providing our services.

What is iSPAN

The first automated network in Saudi Arabia specialized in payments, as it connects ATMs and points of sale in all governorates according to a centralized payment network that regulates the routing of financial transactions to card issuers like:

It is known that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency imposed on all banks operating in the Kingdom the issuance of automatic debit cards compatible with the Saudi payment network, as the number of automated teller machines in Saudi Arabia until 2022 exceeded 16,000 ATMs.

Bank Loyalty Programs

In addition to the aforementioned, our company is a provider of loyalty solutions in collaboration with leading global loyalty management systems. We have delivered services to prominent clients such as the Saudi British Bank through the “Earn” program and Saudi Telecom Company through the “Qitaf” system.
The “Earn” program is a banking loyalty program that offers specific rewards and discounts to credit cardholders, along with various banking services.
On the other hand, “Qitaf” is a rewards program that provides incentivized options to ensure loyalty continuity, based on the accumulation and utilization of points for additional services and rewards.

We are committed to global quality standards in payment services and financial management.

Further enhancing our local and global reputation, we have obtained the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certification, affirming our competence and the trust placed in us by the grace of God.